Shipping and return policies for Flatlife Records

Shipping Info
Shipping up to 2kg !
For more KG's we will contact you after the purchase.
Prices are higher at the moment because of worldwide crisis Covid19 virus.
Also sometimes delays. We do our best to get it as soon as possible to you !!
All packages are handled with care & have extra cardboard in it to prevent warping.
All records will be checked before shipping for warp-default and repaired when noticed.

When a package is returned to me - I can re-send and I always SPLIT COSTS for this.
Because it's not the fault of the sender but most of the time also not from the receiver.
So most fair thing to do is to split costs for re-shippings is our opinion :)
We are still in worldwide epedemic COVID19 and sometimes shippers have problems to deliver correctly.
They cannot bring it to shops most of the time; for you to pick it up !!

Flatlife has a machine to correct warped records.
On this moment: We ship with 3 shippers to get it all done as cheap as possible.

Within the Netherlands
€ 5.50
From the Netherlands to within Europe
€ 9.99
From the Netherlands to Hungary
€ 11.75
From the Netherlands to Belgium
€ 9.00
From the Netherlands to Greece
€ 12.99
From the Netherlands to the UK (NO TRACK & TRACE to keep it as cheap as possible !!)
€ 12.00
From the Netherlands to Ireland
€ 12.00
From the Netherlands to Poland
€ 11.75
From the Netherlands to Finland
€ 12.00
From the Netherlands to Czech Republic
€ 11.75
From the Netherlands to Switzerland (NOT REGISTERED !!)
€ 12.99
From the Netherlands to the rest of the world
€ 29.30

Return Policy
If a package gets returned; we will contact the customer and investigate what went wrong.

Please remember that there are delays during crisis. Also inside UK - the BREXIT gives delay.